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Well, sort of.

See, on Monday I was convinced that I had strep throat. Horrible day at work plus a terrible state of health did not equal a happy Monica, so I forked up the 50 bucks that it takes for me to get seen at the urgent care clinic (holy crap–being an adult with my own health insurance is expensive) and had the nurse practitioner shove a strep swab down my throat. The immediate result was that it was negative, but I’d have to wait “a few days” for the full results to come in. Of course, things rapidly deteriorated from there and as soon as I got home from the clinic I hauled ass into bed–where I remained in confinement until Wednesday afternoon. I had to use 2 precious days of PTO for being sick, which sucks because everyone knows that PTO is for vacayyytion, not sick days!

(Note the sarcasm {sort of}: I’m grateful to have a job that even offers me health insurance and paid time off. Too many people are not nearly as luck. But I’m still pissed that I can’t take a nice long holiday during the holidays. I digress.)

Anyway, I got back to work yesterday to find out that this illness which I have seems to be going around the office (it’s a very small office of 30 people) and that my coworkers are dropping like flies. Accusations also flew…like flies (badum-tcchh). Yes, I was the one to blame.

Right, so the point of this is just to say that the urgent care clinic called today to tell me that I had strep. I was right all along! Good thing I skipped out on work, otherwise I’m certain that I would’ve infected the entire office, instead of most of it, because I am the front-desk girl and basically handle everything that comes in and goes out. Including germs.


The real point of this post wasn’t to triumph in my knowledge that I know my germs (maybe a little). Nope. During my 2-day lie in, I watched an excessive amount of Pushing Daisies and have decided that my love of Lee Pace almost rivals my love for Matthew Gray Gubler. The decision comes down to this:

Awkard, tall, and skinny?

Or this…

taller, skinner, and awkward-er

Eyebrows or cheekbones? Pie or crimes? The ability to wake the dead or to read a 500 page book in 10 minutes? You decide.

And another that I’m seriously loving about this tv show is the complete adorableness of Anna Friel. Seriously, where can I buy her entire wardrobe for this show? I’m planning an epic shopping trip this week to buy some Charlotte Charles, aka Chuck, clothes. Because I’m that obsessed. And I don’t even like shopping. For a girl who has lived in Northern Virgina almost her entire life, I sure did miss out on the retail therapy gene that most females in this area seem to have been blessed with.

I'll take one in every color, thanks.

I aspire to be as adorable and chic as her every day of my life. Of course, I’m fairly certain that I sad the same thing after I saw Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer, but that’s not important (although I do luurve that movie).

Okay, so I’ll admit, this post wasn’t exactly living up to the “Excitement Experiment”  that was promised, but I haven’t exactly been doing much these days. I had strep!

Here’s a little something to spark your creativity, though. Listen to the whole thing!

Oltremare, by Ludovico Einaudi


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