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Last semester of senior year, I asked my Linguistics professor if she had any particular recommendations for grammar guides, because I was nervous that mine wasn’t quite up to par. She told me to get this book and I have been addicted ever since.


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A fun game!

I like to go here and play How Far I Can Go with the Least Amount of Money.

The winner? Puerto Rico comes in at an easy $270! I can hear the surf now…

HOLD THE PHONE. For just $410 I can fly to Geneva? I’d take Europe over the tropics any day. I’m officially saving my hard-earned dolla dolla bills for a trip to Switzerland.


The other fun game is Find the Most Expensive Place to Travel–GREENLAND? Seriously? How does a flight to Greenland cost $4420? There goes my dream of seeing the Northern Lights in their most pure form.

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Stuck in my head.

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